Is Hard Water Ruining Your Clothes or Causing Dry, Itchy Skin? Add a Water Softener!

Does your home have hard water? If so, a water softener system from America’s Best Services is a good investment for your overall water quality. A water softener is a simple device that uses an ionic exchange process to substitute sodium or potassium ions for the minerals that contribute to the hardness of your water. It is typically integrated into your plumbing system where your main water line enters the house. Therefore, it impacts not just a single tap, but all of the hot and cold water running throughout your home.

There are many benefits to installing a water softener in your home, most importantly the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your plumbing system is protected from potentially hazardous mineral deposits. America’s Best Services can make sure that your water softener keeps your plumbing in good shape for years to come.

Reasons to Install a Water Softening System:

  • Comfort. Hard water can be a problem for your comfort by causing dry, itchy skin. It makes bathing, clothes washing and dishwashing less effective by diminishing soap’s ability to lather and rinse cleanly away.

  • Your Plumbing System. Hard water can also be damaging to your plumbing by causing mineral deposits to build up in your pipes and on your faucets, shower heads, and appliances that use water. More than just unsightly, it can cause your water to run slowly, your spigots to malfunction, and your water heater to be less efficient.

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