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Have you noticed a rise in your water bill? Are you experiencing an unexplained drop in water pressure? Is there a damp, mildewy scent in your home? If so, your home may have a water leak.

When you combine the cost, stress, and potentially lasting water damage associated with leaking pipes and plumbing fixtures, they can be a huge problem for your home. To make matters worse, leaks in hidden pipes can make locating the source of the problem quite tricky. The licensed plumbers at America’s Best Services combine extensive training with more than 35 years of industry experience to provide highly reliable leak detection.

Do you have a slab leak? Our plumbers have the experience and equipment to detect and repair even the most difficult slab leaks!

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Signs You May Have a Leak

  • You can hear water running when nothing is turned on.

  • Your water meter reading changes even when you’re not using any water.

  • Your water bill escalates over a period of weeks or months.

  • Your walls or floors have wet, springy, moist, or discolored areas when nothing has been spilled.

  • There is a foul odor coming from the floors or walls near drains or sewers.

  • Cracks appear in your foundation or earth shifts for no apparent reason.

  • You find warm spots on your floor, particularly on concrete slab floors.

Why choose America’s Best Services for leak detection?

Our licensed plumbers are dedicated to providing the best service available. We maintain a rigorous continuing education schedule to ensure that the work we do in your home is of the highest quality.

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