We Fix Leaky Pipes Fast to Minimize Water Damage to Your Home

When you have leaking pipes, you need to have them fixed as soon as possible. Even a small crack in your water pipes can leak enough water to cause a flood. In fact, in just one day 250 gallons of water can be discharged from a pipe leak as small as 1/8 inch!  If you see signs of a water leak in your home—increased water bills, musty odors, etc.—call the licensed plumbers at America’s Best Services to perform pipe leak repair and prevent further damage.

What Happens When You Don’t Get Leak Repair?

  • Structural Damage. Water can corrode metals and weaken wood. When water damage sets in, you could be looking at costly reconstruction work.

  • Toxic Mold Growth. Moisture and organic matter are the only prerequisites for mold to grow. When mold forms in your home, it can cause lung and skin problems and even neurological problems that are difficult to treat and diagnose.

  • Air Quality Problems. Water leaks can make the air in your home musty and unpleasant. This can contribute to feelings of fatigue and make you more susceptible to illness.

  • Electrical Problems. When water from leaking water lines seeps into areas where electrical wiring runs, it can create sparks and possibly cause a fire.

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At America’s Best Services, we always work to minimize disruption to your property and your life. We utilize the latest plumbing techniques and technology to complete pipe leak repair quickly and efficiently so you can get back to normal ASAP.

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A pipe leak can cause major damage to your home. Call or contact America’s Best Services now for expert pipe leak repair services.