More Than Just a Shower or Bathtub; It’s an Experience

Why do our Tempe, Phoenix and Tucson customers call us in need of bathtub or shower installation? The most common reasons are to replace one that’s broken, to upgrade during a bathroom renovation, or to add a tub or shower when adding a bathroom to your home.

Choosing the right shower and tub for your bathroom involves more than just knowing it will work; it needs to meet specific measurements to fit your space and seamlessly integrate with your design aesthetic.

Once you have found the right tub or shower for your bathroom, you’ll need an experienced professional to perform the shower or bathtub installation for you. The licensed plumbers at America’s Best Services are here to help meet your bathtub and shower installation needs. We put our decades of experience to work for you, so you can have the beautiful and fully functional bathroom of your dreams.

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Find the Right Bathtub for You

  • Freestanding Tub. This bathroom classic is perfect for having a true bath. A large porcelain tub that sometimes has a shower head hooked up to it, a freestanding tub is very heavy and should be placed in an area that can support the weight of the tub plus water.

  • Alcove Tub. Most commonly seen in tub/shower combos, an alcove tub is enclosed on three sides and placed against the bathroom wall. It is especially useful in smaller bathrooms where space is at a premium.

  • Drop-In Tubs. Similar to a freestanding tub but not made of 100% porcelain, a drop-in tub can be placed anywhere in the bathroom as long as the plumbing is available.

  • Corner Tubs. Most corner tubs look like Jacuzzis or whirlpools and offer jets. They are great for a relaxing, spa-like experience in the bath.

Why choose America’s Best Services for bathtub and shower installation services?

As a family owned and operated business, America’s Best Services has served Arizona for more than 35 years. We pride ourselves on giving you:

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When You Want The Best Shower & Bathtub Installation, You Want America’s Best!

When you need shower or bathtub installation services, call America’s Best Services. Our licensed plumbers will make your bathroom the relaxing escape you’ve always wanted!