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All plumbing systems develop clogs; there’s just no way to avoid it. Clogs form when items like paper products from the toilet, hair from the shower, food particles from the garbage disposal, cooking oils, and even small children’s toys build up in your pipes.

When you start noticing signs of a backup in your pipes, don’t risk damaging your pipes with chemical clog busters. Contact America’s Best Services to have a licensed plumber clear the clog safely. We serve the Phoenix, Tempe and Tucson areas with the latest non-chemical pipe cleaning methods to safely clear clogged pipes without the risk of damage to your plumbing system.

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Signs You Have Clogged Pipes

If you notice any of the following clog symptoms, call in the licensed plumbers at America’s Best Services right away!

  • Water backs up out of a sink drain.

  • Toilet bowl water bubbling when you run the sink.

  • Water rising toward your ankles as you shower.

  • Gurgling sounds from drains, especially after running a washing machine or dishwasher.

  • Mysterious puddles of water on the floor near your tub or sink.

  • Rotting food smell from the kitchen sink drain or garbage disposal.

  • A pool of water around the drain when it hasn’t been used in hours.

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