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A slab leak is one of the most difficult plumbing problems you can face as a homeowner. Because these leaks are underneath your concrete foundation, they are hard to detect and to repair. However, thanks to advances in technology America’s Best Services is able to perform slab leak detection and repair without excavation and disruption to your home.

Common Slab Leak Symptoms

  • The sound of running water even when your water is turned off.

  • A hot spot on the floor could indicate a hot water line leak.

  • Cracks in walls or flooring.

  • Mildew or excessive moisture under carpets could indicate your slab is cracked.

  • High water bills could indicate a water leak behind walls or under the slab.

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Slab Leak Repair Techniques

After we complete slab leak detection in your home, we will discuss your repair options utilizing minimally invasive techniques to repair your leak while making as little impact on your home as possible.

Your repair options may include:

  • Spot Repair—open up the slab at the spot of the leak and repair leaking pipe. This option is cost effective for newer construction.

  • Repipe or Reroute—replace the entire line that was leaking. This is most effective for older plumbing systems that have a history of leaking.

  • Epoxy Pipe Coating—in-place pipe coating is applied through the inside of plumbing. This is most often recommended for a system that has a series of small leaks.

Because slab leaks are beneath the flooring, locating them can be difficult. Traditionally, this involved guesswork and a significant amount of property damage. Today, tearing up flooring and dismantling property to locate a slab leak is completely unacceptable. Although locating a slab leak is still a thorough process that requires technical expertise, the methods of locating and repairing slab leaks are much more effective and much less destructive thanks to modern technology such as electronic amplifiers and electromagnetic devices used for locating pipes.

By using the proper equipment, a slab leak can be found and repaired with little disruption. In most cases, only one floor tile will need to be removed and replaced in order to effectively seal leaks underneath your foundation. If you think you may have a foundation leak and need help with slab leak detection, give America’s Best Services a call today at (602) 938-7700!

The Meter Test

The “meter test” is one of the quickest, easiest ways of determining whether or not you have a water leak. The test is typically conducted over a 30 minute period when no water will be used in the home or on the property. The meter test helps to determine not only the presence of a leak, but the size and volume of the leak, which can help indicate its location.

If you notice the numbers have changed after 30 minutes without water being used, this indicates water consumption and a possible leak. If you have a slab leak, be sure to run the “meter test” after repairs are complete to ensure all the leaks have been adequately repaired.

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