Hard Water in Your Home Causes Flavor, Texture & Cleaning Issues

Roughly 85% of homes in America have hard water. Hard water is the term used to describe when your water contains high levels of minerals, specifically calcium and magnesium. These minerals cause your water to become discolored and taste bad.

Hard water can cause your laundry to not be a clean, can make your skin and hair feel dry and dull, and can also leave spots and film on your dishes after they have been washed. If you are tired of rewashing clothes or drinking water that tastes bad, then call America’s Best Services today for hard water testing.

We’ve Got The Right Hard Water Solutions For You

America’s Best offers accurate hard water testing done by experienced professionals so you know you’re getting results you can trust. Our knowledgeable plumbers will then make a recommendation for hard water treatment solutions based on your specific needs.

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A family owned and operated business, America’s Best plumbers have served Arizona families for over 35 years. We pride ourselves on treating you like family, providing competitive rates, and completing reliable hard water testing services.

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When you need hard water testing services in the Phoenix, Tempe or Tucson area, choose plumbers with decades of experience. Choose America’s Best Services.