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A washing machine outlet box connects your washing machine to the hot and cold water pipes and drainpipe system within your walls while giving you valuable access to the valves. If a plumbing emergency occurs with your washing machine, the washing machine outlet box allows for fast water supply shut down so damage can be reduced.

The washing machine outlet box is normally installed when the home is initially being constructed, however, you may need America’s Best to professionally install one if:

  • You have an older home that does not have a washing machine outlet box already.

  • You are renovating your laundry room and need the box moved.

  • You are adding laundry hookups to a home that did not previously have them.

  • You need to replace your existing box due to damage.

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When you need expert washing machine outlet box installation services in the Phoenix, Tempe or Tucson area, choose qualified plumbers who treat you like family. Choose America’s Best Services.