Plumbing Checklist

America’s Best Services inspects your plumbing system to ensure its integrity.

Our Checklist includes:

    1. Inspect water for signs of corrosion
    2. Check temperature of water heater
    3. Inspect emergency shutoff to water heater
    4. Inspect pressure relief valve on water heater
    5. Sediment flush the water heater
    6. Check p-traps in bathrooms and kitchen
    7. Check flappers on toilets
    8. Inspect toilet ball cocks
    9. Check flow rate on toilet jetters
    10. Inspect tub and shower fixtures
    11. Inspect sink fixtures
    12. Inspect all angle stops
    13. Check all supply lines
    14. Test the sewer flow
    15. Chemically treat sewer system
    16. Check emergency shutoff to house