No Hot Water

It always happens at the worst possible time. Jump into the Monday morning shower and the water temperature changes from luke warm to cold and your mood moves with it.

What Is Happening?

It could be one of the following:

Your Hot Water Heater:

There may be a fault with the heating element, thermostat or tempering valve, if there is one fitted.

It may be one of the following if you have been experiencing problems on a “Regular Basis”:

  1. The water heater may not be of sufficient size for the household’s needs. (Upgrading to a water heater with a capacity more suitable to your requirements. Installing flow restrictors in the showers will substantially increase the amount of hot water available. Installing a tempering valve will not only keep your hot water at a safe 120°F but will extend the amount of hot water you have stored.)
  2. Excessive discharge from the relief valves or leaking taps or plumbing.

Guests Staying

Extra load has been placed on the hot water supply though guests staying. An all too common reason for a lack of hot water. If chosen and installed correctly, domestic water heaters are suitable for most family situations but will have difficulty providing for a high demand of hot water over a short period of time, e.g., more than three or four showers in 30 minutes. If guests are staying for an extended time then it would be wise to think about how your hot water is used and work around times of high demand.

The Power Supply

Your power provider may have a problem with the power supply to your hot water cylinder.

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